Benefactor Updates

This page is currently under construction.

Justin Owens
Justin lost his battle to cancer on April 4, 2008.

Randy Setzer
Randy passed away May 25, 2015.

Brenda Lowe
Brenda passed away on December 29, 2007.

Wesley Thornburg
Wesley 's cancer has returned and since she has received a bone marrow transplant. She has completed her chemo and is doing very well.

Winter Gilland
Winter's passed away December 2016.

James & Betty Weathers
Betty passed away in February 2008. James has also passed away. 

John & Pat Hall
Pat passed away in 2005.  John is still doing about the same.

Amy Hatchcock
Amy passed away on May 13, 2011.

Cathy Enloe
Cathy passed away January 7, 2010.

Jane Cole
Jane passed away December 2, 2010.

Tyler Ramsey
Tyler has passed away.

Zoey Killian
As of December 16, 2010. She had her last 4 day treatment last week and now she goes once a week until February and then she will be finished with her chemotherapy. Her cancer is in remission. She will still have to go to Winston once a month for a year to be checked but as of right now she is doing good.

Butch & Carolyn Bradshaw
Butch has passed away April 20, 2007. Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since completed her chemo treatments and is doing well.

Ella Mae Scott
Ella Mae passed away April 2012.

Sofia Carman
Sofia is doing very well.

Haven Caldwell.
Haven is doing very well and has completed all treatments.

Ashley Dare Smith
Ashley's tumor was removed but has since returned.

Amanda Bowman
Amanda's current condition is unknown.

Hope Swaim
Hope's health is still up and down with some trips to the hospital.

Kyle Arias
Kyle has finished chemo and is doing great.

Cole Frye
Cole has finished chemo and is doing great.

Riley Simpson
Riley is finally growing and her health is starting to improve. Her parents had a 2nd child which was also premature.  Both girls are doing well with minor complications. They have to endure home isolation during cold and flu seasons.

Ashley Wagner
Ashley's cancer has returned and she is preparing for a bone marrow transplant.